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Herbal Remedies

About Us

"Live Life Naturally"


ThaiKanya was established for the purpose of distributing knowledge of Thai traditional medicine as well as other Thai herbs, including cannabis, to understand and help develop products from cannabis leaves and medicinal plants for people to know the benefits therefore realize to create the value of the products with herbs under slogan " Live life naturally "  to luanch for people whoever need to avoice the chemical and need to be more healthier more happier and live longer

Our Vision

Thaikanya Co.,Ltd. legal medical cannabis grade have cannabis markets that are larger than 100 mlllions baht. Thaikanya products were the first legal cannabis in thailand to open retail cannabis store, wellness products, spa products, and medical CBD oil, THC oil, telemedicine altogether, and had a forecast combined consumer that purchased cannabis products in 2023 worth than 300 millions baht. Thaikanya company limited we luanched cannabis products provide to 5 stars hotel and luxury spa which cannabis industry has experienced an exponential growth of 139.2 % per year between 2019 and 2022.

Bussiness oppotunities

Since the adoption of country legal medical cannabis in Thailand in 2019, commercial licenses in the industry have proliferated. Many prospective licensees lack the relevant cannabis experience to fully develop their business models. This has presented a new type of business opportunity for those with mature, successful operations that are located either in or out of the country franchising."


Therefore we luanch the legal cannabis business model 2 types to serve for the business owner who are interested about cannabis health and wellness products which will be prosperity in this eara

  • "Dr.Cannabis" wellness spa center

  • "Above The Clouds" cannabis club & cafe

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