Our Farm

We source a wide range of legal hemp and cannabis biomass – buying directly from producers, farmers and associations wherever made legally possible as the industry rapidly expands globally. We own our farms in Thailand, helping local villages to create new jobs and eco systems which currently employ over 3500 people.




We want to be the CBD Exporter for Global, we are setting the international standard in sourcing, processing and supplying compliant hemp and cannabis ingredients for manufacturing consumer packaged goods.


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We handle and process this biomass into ingredients withsustainability, safety, reliability and quality inmind – relyingon our network of processing plants, global logistics andsecure transportation partners.


We supply these ingredients for manufacturing complianthemp and cannabis retail / OEM products
– focused on consumer packaged goods for global distribution channels, leading brands and retailers. With its strategic network and strong relationships along thesupply chain, Thaikanya is able to meet the expanding needs of a strictly regulated client base, enabling them to enter the largest controlled substance markets in the world.