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Does CBD oil work for migraine? 

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a medicinal substance extracted from the hemp plant. It is a substance that can reduce pain. because it has the effect of reducing inflammation many times more than aspirin but in spite of this There is no definitive research confirming that CBD can treat migraines. in the study of medical marijuana use Patients reported six fewer migraine attacks per month with doses of cannabis inhaled and oral or dripping onto the tongue

To confirm whether CBD really treats migraines? What dosage is required to be effective in treatment? is a matter There is no clear research results medical, so we would recommend to everyone Choose the right amount of CBD and consult a doctor with whom we treat migraines.

However, the use of CBD OIL not only relieves migraines, but also relieves many pain conditions such as stress, balancing hormones. and insomnia, etc.

Because CBD oil has many properties that help balance. of the body in a natural way because CBD has properties that are beneficial to the body. and the mind helps to work restore the brain and stimulate the functioning of a complete health system

  • reduce anxiety

  • help sleep better

  • Relieve muscle spasms,

  • reduce inflammation.

How to use CBD OIL
  • The method of using our CBD OIL is not difficult at all. Just dripping CBD OIL under the tongue.

  • First day, try 2 drops of CBD OIL 15 minutes before bedtime, hold it under the tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallow

  • On the second day, if you feel like you want to add more, add 2 drops of CBD OIL each time and check which one you like.

  • If the amount is too much, it will cause insomnia instead.  

*After the drops are not recommended to watch TV or watch mobile phones. will become sleepless Yes, drop it. Turn off the light and go to sleep*

  • Ps. If the drops don't feel like it, it's not recommended to add more than 6 drops of CBD OIL per day in the first 2-3 days. You may need to let your body adjust for a while. For hemp oil CBD OIL we researched Leave each other, but all of them that we bring tips to recommend, friends. should be used in moderation and Don't forget to eat Healthy food, complete with protein, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, and get enough rest with care from Thai Kanya.

Everything you need to know about CBD oil
  • Many people are wondering what CBD is and how to use it. How good is it? Today we're going to tell you about it. CBD comes from Cannabidiol, an extract from cannabis, which has no Neurostimulatory effects and no serious side effects. Today, CBD is widely used in the treatment of diseases and alleviating various ailments. Because CBD has properties that are beneficial to the body and mind. including work to restore the brain system and stimulate the functioning of the complete health system

Most of the CBD that we see is in the form of oil. Also known as CBD OIL, CBD is applied under the tongue in moderation. The CBD oil helps to balance the body. Make the system of body and mind in balance such as

  • CBD oil will help keep your appetite in moderation.  CBD will help reduce cravings for sweets. For those who are addicted to sweets,

  • Helps to keep the mood from swinging Better control over your emotions Help adjust the immune system of the body to work normally.

  • When the body is balanced, there is no illness.

CBD Oil with amazing properties to the
body and brain that you may not know
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Of course, CBD Oil is now one of the most popular supplements right now. Scientific studies have looked at the benefits of CBD oil (cannabidiol).Research has shown that CBD oil helps to alleviate effects of inflammation And it also helps relieve stress. help maintain health However, the benefits of CBD oil From further research, it was found that CBD oil Has helped to nourish the brain more. Because in the extract of CBD, there are extracts that help strengthen the functioning of the brain and nervous system.

Properties CBD oil that is beneficial to the brain, we would like to summarize. It is a sub-topic as follows:

1. Stimulate brain cell production. Research has found that CBD Oil extract helps To stimulate the creation of new brain cells and CBD Oil is just one of the natural substances. There are few types that can stimulate the creation of new brain cells.

2. Protect the nervous system In addition to discovering that CBD oil helps to nourish the brain, it's true, but the properties of CBD OIL are not exhausted, because scientists have discovered that CBD OIL helps to protect the nervous system as well. This means that CBD OIL can help protect your brain cells. Do not let the nervous system and brain be damaged.

3. Helps relieve stress. CBD reduces stress. Because CBD has strong anabolic properties, it can also be used to treat other brain diseases.

4. Helps to treat mental illnesses. It also helps to treat mental illnesses. mental disorders It can cure psychiatric disorders. CBD helps in reducing anxiety. and depression It also relieves stress, anxiety, depression. of critically ill patients

5. Helps relieve inflammation of the nervous system. CBD acts like an antioxidant. Reduce free radicals which cause neurodegenerative disorders It reduces swelling and acts as an anti-inflammatory, increases appetite and relieves pain, relieves migraines, Parkinson's, asthma. It also fights against the spread of many cancers. and many other diseases

   From the above information, we can see that CBD OIL has many and varied properties. That will help repair the body as well as help nourish the brain because CBD will increase the production of nerve cells and allows our brains to produce new cells. Throughout this process is known as the generation of neurons. which if our nervous system is better It will contribute to a healthy brain, learning, better memory and, most importantly, can help prevent brain diseases such as Alzheimer's disease. good as well, 

in addition to stimulating the production of new brain cells Strong, CBD oil can help relieve the symptoms of neurogenesis. Caused by stress as well and result in our long-term, sustainable health. Just a drop 15 minutes before bedtime, can make you sleep deeply, sleep for a long time, sleep well all night until helping to balance, restore and repair the body as well.

Today, admin has a small trick for people who can't sleep with the following 5 simple tips.

1. Relax yourself before going to bed. At least 1 to 2 hours before bedtime, try doing activities that help your body relax. For example, practicing muscle relaxation by taking long, deep breaths and slowly exhaling slowly, trying to focus your mind on your breath. will get better results Including avoiding brain stimuli that are not relaxing, such as TVs, smartphones or tablets, etc.

2. Adjust your sleeping habits Try to schedule your sleep at the same time every night. until routine If done continuously, within 1 week, the body will adapt and become accustomed to sleep at that time or in some cases. If you haven't slept for up to 30 minutes, don't force yourself to sleep, don't get angry or upset, and don't look at your clock often. because it will put pressure on yourself that Why haven't you slept yet? It will really make me unable to sleep in the end.

3. Finding Smell to Help Therapy,The aroma of natural herbs extracted into essential oils, also known as “Aromatherapy” helps to feel refreshed, relax, and reduce the physical reaction to stress.

4. Vitamin supplement help to sleep Another vitamin supplement that helps to improve sleep. Another relaxing option Recommended is melatonin, Because melatonin supplements help to sleep. There are made to gummy and pill . Importantly, this one has no side effects.

5. Herbal therapy is another alternative for people who have insomnia as well, that is CBD OIL  or in other words, hemp extract or cannabis,  If you would like to know how much CBD OIL  cost, where CBD OIL isolate is sold, CBD OIL  Where is it legal to buy? Call us for a consultation at 098-258-9494 or add Line ID @thaikanya to consult with us at no cost.

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